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Keren Gaiser | Adult Singing Lessons El Sobrante

Keren draws her experience from different methods she has acquired and mastered throughout her own singing career. She has been influenced by Seth Riggs’ Speech Level Singing, Brett Manning’s Singing Success, and the classic Italian Bel Canto technique.

Her lessons emphasize a different aspect of singing. The Riggs method aims to open up the voice, allowing singers to reach their higher register with improved tone and flexibility. The Manning method focuses on improving pitch, phrasing, and tone. Bel Canto emphasizes strengthening and breathing techniques practiced on the floor to improve vocal power and control and provide singers with a solid foundation on which to build further techniques.

Keren with Group | Singing Lessons San Francisco

~ Singing Lessons ~

East Bay, Marin, Face Time, Skype.

Keren travels to clients homes, and conducts group session at her El Sobrante location!

Keren teaches voice therapy sessions to those who don’t sing and use their voices excessively at their line of work!

Whether you are about to audition for a new band, a play, or a musical, Whether you write and perform your own music, your lessons will always focused on a combination of techniques and exercises to help you reach your vocal goals.

By developing your core strength, expanding your range, and improving your control, you’ll be able to express your vocals with more confidence and feeling.

Vocal training isn’t just for singers! Core strengthening and vocal exercises can help actors, choreographers, teachers, lecturers, or others who use their voices excessively or have speech difficulties, and loose their voices often!

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