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Keren Studios will transform you and your voice into the best singer you can be, combining the fun of singing with the joy of staying a kid.


'I have worked with Keren for 5 years and her skill at vocal instruction is unmatched. The amount of encouragement and positive energy that she brings to her lessons is wonderful. She makes the work fun and enjoyable. I am very shy about singing. Yet, Keren brings the right amount of encouragement with balanced patience to get even the shyest out doing the exercises.'
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'Keren is a great teacher. I have had many voice teachers and she has helped me break through very fast with her breath work, fries and personal techniques. She has great understanding on how to use the lower part of your body to push sound with almost no effort in the throat or head. She inspires me!'
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'Keren worked with my daughter over a year starting at the age of 6. Keren's ability to understand my daughter's motivations and learning style proved unprecedented. My daughter always looked forward to her lessons. Keren does a great deal of warm up exercises which not only protects the voice, but channels a lot of energy, as well as, provides focus. '
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'Keren is an amazing teacher! I have grown so much vocally and presentation wise, just in a matter of months! She does core work, vocal warm-ups, and we pick 1-2 songs to practice for a few weeks until the upcoming recital. I couldn't ask for a better teacher! I think of her as more a close friend than a teacher. I love her..'
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'..Overall, I cannot recommend Keren enough. It really is her passion for vocals that makes this a fun way to train. The work is challenging, as it should be, but Keren's passion and positive energy make the training enjoyable and fun. I have to say that I am so thankful for the instruction and I am so much more confident of my voice after the time I've spent with Keren...'
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My 10 year old daughter took singing/vocal lessons with Keren. Keren is a very passionate, energetic and hard working instructor. She is also very good with kids - my daughter couldn't wait to see her every week and took her homework assignments seriously. I think mainly because Keren was always fun and mischievous and firm and patient at the same time (I wish I was like that!). Keren is pretty flexible when you are running late or have to cancel a lesson at a short notice. She organizes small rehearsal events with kids performing, and parents watching and having snacks and wine (always a plus).
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Keren is as talented a teacher as she is a performer. She explains the technical aspects of singing, offers lots of sincere encouragement and constructive critiques - and makes you use muscles that you never knew you had. Both my daughter and I have been singing with her for several months now and have been making steady progress. Keren is a competent, professional instructor of vocal technique, but, just as important, she teaches you to sing from your soul and experience the joy and power of music not only in yourself, but in sharing it with others.
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Keren Gaiser
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